We've Expanded Our Solar Carports


At Westland Real Estate Group, we’ve increased our commitment to renewable energy by installing new solar panel carports at our Long Beach headquarters.

The parking lot already featured 470 panels covering 52 parking spaces, which provides energy for the building as well as the electric vehicle charging station. The original installation created 170,000 kWh (kilowatt hour). The new system covers a further 18 parking spaces and provides 273 new panels. This will produce an additional 140,000 kWh per year. Combined, the systems will produce 310,000 kWh per year. That’s enough energy to power over 40 homes.


The extra shade will also create energy savings for team members as their cars remain cool during the day. On hot days, air conditioning can lower a car’s fuel efficiency by up to 25%. The installation will ensure team members can lower their commuting costs as well as their carbon footprint.

Over the next 25 years, the solar panel system will reduce CO2 pollution by 6,750 tons which is equal to 22,000,000 miles driven by gas vehicles. This is the same impact as planting 115 acres of forest trees.

Westland has also installed energy-saving solar solutions at many of our communities such as Osage Apartments and Desert Palms Mobile Home Park. We plan to continue increasing our renewable energy use at other communities.

Both cost-saving and environmentally friendly, Westland is committed to investing in the future of the company, as well as lowering our carbon footprint for the benefit of our global community.