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Yanki Greenspan


As President of Westland Real Estate Group, Yanki oversees the company’s diverse real estate portfolio including retail, multi-family residential, manufactured homes, and industrial properties. Under his leadership, the company has more than tripled its Multi-Family holdings, expanded into the Las Vegas residential market, and brought the company’s total MF holdings to over 10,000 doors. Through personal oversight of a strong management team, Yanki has successfully identified and invested in underperforming properties and maximized their value. The grandson of founder Allen Alevy, Yanki followed the family tradition of working at Westland from the bottom up. With a desire to follow in his grandfather’s footsteps, he interned through his college years and joined the company as a leasing agent. With years of mentorship from Mr. Alevy, he advanced to company president and continues Westland’s success and growth. Yanki volunteers his time and shares his extensive real estate expertise as Chairman of the Board for the City of Long Beach’s Uptown PBID. He holds a degree in Business Administration from Sy Syms School of Business. A husband and parent to five children, Yanki enjoys spending his Sundays at the beach with his family.

Most likely to say: “Family means the people you can lean on.”

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Shimon Greenspan

Chief Financial Officer

Shimon Greenspan, Chief Financial Officer for Westland Real Estate Group, has been with the company since 2014 and oversees liquidity management, investments, and market securities. He supervises the accounting and legal department and spearheads the company’s financial strategies. Monitoring financial matters, Shimon oversees accounting and financial reporting, as well as planning and analysis for the organization’s business entities and property portfolio. He holds an MBA specializing in finance from UCLA Anderson. Shimon enjoys taking his family on camping trips.

Most Likely to Say: “Do a lot, say a little.”

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Ruth Garcia

Residential Asset Manager

Ruth Garcia is the Residential Asset Manager. She oversees Westland’s large Las Vegas portfolio of Multi-Family Residences and is responsible for a wide array of matters including implementing corporate strategy, goals and profitability benchmarks for each property. Having worked at Westland for over 30 years, she is a pillar of the company and has managed the residential properties since 2000. Her vast knowledge and experience in real estate allows Ruth to effectively audit potential acquisitions to ensure a clean transition and effective strategy for maximizing the asset’s value. Ruth is a grandmother to 6 children. She loves to teach Sunday School and coach her youngest grandchild’s soccer league.

Most likely to say: “Look beyond your nose.”

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Veronica Navarro

California Regional Manager

Veronica is the California Regional Manager overseeing Westland’s portfolio of Multi-Family Residential in the Golden State. She originally joined the company over 12 years ago as a clerk and worked her way up to managing and operating 2000 units. Having worked her way to department head, Veronica is able to lead her team with insight into each position. With an eye on the bigger picture, she tackles challenges with determination. Veronica is ever-ready to implement new processes that encourage company efficiency and growth. Veronica loves family board game night with her children and taking part in school trips.

Most Likely to Say: “Put yourself in the customer's shoes.”

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David Kracoff

Commercial Asset Manager

As Commercial Asset Manager David Kracoff oversees the 1.4 million square feet of retail and industrial space. In his role he manages leasing, maintenance, and rehab to the commercial spaces. David applies his almost 30 years experience to ensure the division runs optimally. He was integral in laying down a stable foundation that rides through economic cycles and allows the company to expand. He uses his expert knowledge to ensure leasing agreements work for the tenant and Westland. David attributes the company’s growth to the key team members ability to bounce ideas off of each other. David is a family man and enjoys rooting for the Boston sports teams, where he is originally from.

Most likely to Say: “Problems are opportunities.”

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Rick Bloom

Manufactured Housing Communities Asset Manager

As the Manufactured Housing Communities Asset Manager Rick Bloom oversees Westland’s 14 Mobile Home Parks throughout Southern California and Texas. Rick supervises the sales, leasing, financing, and acquisitions of manufactured homes as well as the management of the communities. He has worked at Westland for over thirty years initially starting as a leasing agent. His practical knowledge and experience allows him to anticipate the needs of the communities and increase the value of the properties. With first class interpersonal skills, Rick is able to communicate with his remote team and ensure great tenant relations. Outside of his career, Rick is an avid artist as well as a performing magician and member of the Magic Castle.

Most Likely to Say: “Anticipate change.”

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Bashir Eustache

Legal Counsel

As Legal Counsel Bashir Eustache advises Westland on compliance, risk management, and employment law. He also handles litigation matters on behalf of the company. Bashir graduated from Duke School of Law in 2003 and has been a part of the Westland team since 2014. To effectively advise all departments on legal matters, he keeps abreast of new laws and regulations. Bashir serves as a legal resource and supports the business by ensuring the company mitigates risk. On a personal level, Bashir enjoys cooking, outdoorsmanship and exercise with his wife.

Most Likely to Say: “There's always a practical solution.”

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John Hofsaess

Legal Counsel

John Hofsaess provides legal counsel to all of Westland’s divisions. His duties include conducting litigation, educating divisions on company policies and legal compliance, and engaging in contract negotiations. John has 15 years experience as an acting attorney and has worked at Westland for over 10 years. In his time at the company, he has drafted and negotiated contracts, forms, and legal documents to help standardize agreements and simplify Westland’s processes. As part of the in-house legal team he oversees state and federal litigation matters in California, and coordinates litigation with outside counsel in Nevada. Through his policy work the company has been able to avoid risk and continually enhance operational efficiency. In his spare time, John likes to get his hands dirty with home renovation projects.

Most Likely to Say: “Document clearly and accurately.”

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Avi Shtern

Senior Director of Acquisitions

As the Senior Director of Acquisitions, Avi Shtern is responsible for finding new properties to join the Westland Family. His position is served by his ability to create great working relationships with brokers and a keen eye for recognizing the real estate upside for potential acquisitions. Avi has worked at Westland on and off since 1983. After rejoining the company in 2014, he expanded the Las Vegas portfolio from 900 units to over 9000 units. As a senior team member, Avi takes responsibility for “protecting the old and securing the new” which means he imparts his wisdom and knowledge onto the younger team members. Avi enjoys fishing and taking trips to visit his children and grandchildren.

Most Likely to Say: “Do your best.”

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Manny BukIet

Commercial Leasing Manager

Manny Bukiet, Commercial Leasing Manager, oversees an extensive portfolio of retail and industrial units covering over 1.4 million square feet. Under his management, occupancy and lease renewals throughout the commercial portfolio has steadily increased with a reduction in tenant turnover. Manny has managed the development and leasing of new commercial properties. With over eleven years experience as the Commercial Leasing Manager, he is able to anticipate tenants needs, which allows their business to thrive in a personalized space. As a testament to the department, many retail tenants have decided to expand and lease more Westland properties. Manny is married with two children and enjoys doing little league baseball with his sons. In his spare time, he is a volunteer EMT.

Most likely to say: “We’ll find a way.”

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Prosper Kdoshim

Construction Manager

As Construction Manager Prosper Kdoshim oversees all major building projects at Westland Real Estate Group. With his extensive experience in construction, Prosper is responsible for upgrades and renovations as well as assessing new acquisitions to prioritize needs. From simple updates to rebuilding entire buildings that have been damaged beyond repair, he manages projects to ensure they are safe, within budget, and completed promptly. In his time with the company, Prosper has increased maintenance efficiency by reviewing work orders, finding the root cause, and instigating repair solutions. This practice allows Westland to operate at peak efficiency and create a safe and stable environment for all residents. Prosper focuses his life on his work, his family, and his community. Married for nearly forty years, Prosper has two daughters and four grandchildren.

Most likely to say: “Be positive. Complaining doesn’t get the job done.”

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Maritza Martinez

Purchasing & Operations Director

Maritza Martinez is the Purchasing & Operations Director. Her department oversees maintenance operations and provides all divisions with materials and supplies. As well as hiring staff and vendors who are knowledgeable and skilled in maintenance, she prides herself on putting together a first class team who value our customers, their safety, and can offer quality assurance. With over 14,000 units across all divisions, the department completes an average of 250 work orders a day. As the company portfolio has grown, Maritza has spearheaded efforts to modernize the department’s workflow, transitioning all staff to a digital workflow, and increasing efficiency. Thanks to Maritza’s department, Westland can provide renovated units that push the community to the next level and make the properties stand out. A mother to two children, Maritza and her husband spend their free time at the children’s sports games.

Most likely to say: “Impossible only means that you haven’t found the solution yet.”

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Susan Acosta

Contact Center Manager

As the Contact Center Manager Susan Acosta oversees the call center which helps prospective tenants find a home, as well as arrange maintenance issues with current tenants. Her department is usually the first point of contact for customers and makes the first impression. Her focus is on elevating customer service to make sure customers feel heard, helped, and satisfied. Susan has implemented quality measures for resident interactions and department efficiency. Using data analysis, she has identified ways to improve workflow. Under her leadership, the contact center has taken over maintenance requests, sped up response times, and set up online chat. Susan enjoys running half marathons and cooking at home.

Most likely to say: “Keep an open mind.”

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Dena Lerner

Director of Marketing

As the Director of Marketing, Dena oversees marketing and brand management across all departments. Through analysis and optimization, Dena and her team create marketing materials and procedures with a focus on lead generation. Dena inspects and adapts marketing strategies to ensure her department maximizes engagement. With a focus on the customer experience, she oversees all interactions with prospects and residents to ensure they are satisfied. Dena will regularly hone marketing procedures to drive leads and raise brand awareness. With over ten years experience in the marketing field, Dena has a deep understanding of the market and how to maximize presence, improve brand recognition, and drive sales.

Most likely to say: “We all have to sparkle.”

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Marilu Garcia


As Treasurer Marilu Garcia supervises the Human Resources and Accounts Payable departments and oversees the financial administration of the organization. Her team is responsible for cash flow and finance management. Marilu has 8 years experience as the Treasurer and has worked at Westland since 1991. Having worked her way through the ranks, Marilu is able to lead her team with experience in every facet of the department. Over the years Marilu has been instrumental in updating department practices such as payroll systems, going digital, implementing policy changes, and starting the company’s 401K. Marilu enjoys family gatherings, movies and reading.

Most Likely to say: “We work as a team.”

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Jaqueline Orozco

Human Resources Manager

Jaqueline Orozco is the Human Resources Manager for Westland Real Estate Group. In her role she oversees all aspects of hiring, employee relations, workers comp, payroll, and benefits. With over 20 years experience in the field, Jaqueline offers expert guidance in creating a competitive employee package that attracts and retains talent. She is most proud of Westland’s practice of promoting team members allowing them to grow within the company. When she isn’t busy caring for her four children, Jaqueline organizes scholarships fundraising.

Most likely to say: “With a positive attitude you can create a positive outcome.”

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Jesse Nowlin

IT Manager

Jesse Nowlin has worked in IT since he was 15-years-old when he got his start fixing computers for his neighborhood. Today he is the IT Manager at the Westland Real Estate Group where he manages the technology for 450 employees at over 65 locations. Equally as business-minded as he is tech-savvy, Jesse is able to exceed department needs thanks to excellent communication skills and IT knowledge. In his time at Westland, Jesse has lowered individual computer costs by 80 percent, managed cybersecurity needs, modernized the fleet, and transitioned IT needs to a cloud-based system. Jesse also volunteers as a Disaster Tech for the Information Technology Disaster Resource Center providing technological solutions in crisis areas. Jesse enjoys photography and drone flying.

Most likely to say: “Save early and often.”

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