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Residents & Tenants

If you currently rent from Westland in any of our divisions, please see your contact options below:

Pay your rent Online

With RentMoola you can use your bank account and pay online at no cost to you. RentMoola also accepts Credit/Debit/Cash payments for a fee. It’s quick, easy, and has the option to set up automatic payments.

Maintenance Needs

If something has broken you can call our 24/7 Maintenance Hotline we’ll get your issue resolved.

Los Angeles Maintenance Hotline: (310) 667-6866
Las Vegas Maintenance Hotline: (702) 560-6832

You can also sign into our Resident Portal below:

Corporate Contact

Corporate Headquarters
520 W. Willow St.
Long Beach, CA 90806

Phone: (310) 639-7130
Fax: (310) 639-1757
Email: info[at]

Retail Opportunities

If you’re looking to rent a retail unit we can help you find the right place.

Email: retailproperties[at]

Phone: (310) 730-5711


If you are a current vendor please contact our vendors department:
Email: vendors[at]

If you are interested in becoming a vendor please call our main office.

Phone: (310) 639-7130

Filming Locations

Westland has a wide array of locations suitable for filming. If you are interested in shooting at one of our properties please contact Marketing.

Email: marketing[at]

Phone: (310) 639-7130