Westland is the owner and operator of Multi-Family Residential, Retail Properties, and Manufactured Home Communities. The portfolio includes 14,000 units across all divisions. With over forty years experience, the family-owned company has a solid history of successfully identifying growth opportunities and efficiently operating properties.

Westland has consistently demonstrated proficiency for maximizing the potential value of its property portfolio. The key to the company’s success is a focus on long-term investment. As an owner and operator, Westland invests in communities beyond the scope of other management companies. Through this tried-and-tested comprehensive management strategy, Westland creates comfortable and affordable environments that foster long-term returns.


Westland provides spaces where people can reach their true potential.


We continually grow and expand the Westland family while providing a high-quality service and make a positive impact on each community we serve.



We make every person who comes in contact with Westland feel like family.


As an expanding company we provide opportunities for our tenants, residents, and employees to reach their true potential.


We leave a positive impact by turning properties into communities. We give back to each community we invest in to ensure it thrives.


As a successful and profitable business, Westland provides a home people can invest their future in and be recognized for their efforts.