Working Together for a Long Beach That Works for Everyone


On April 2nd 2019, The Long Beach City Council voted in favor of a proposal to establish new Tenant Assistance Policies in the city.

As a longterm owner and operator of multi-residential housing in Long Beach, Westland Real Estate Group is a community partner and thanks the city for taking the time to consider this proposal.

We are passionate about our city and dedicated to providing affordable housing for our residents. As a family-run business, Westland supports the 10% cap on rent raises, which has long been established as our own general policy. We are pleased that provisions are being put in place to keep the Long Beach community intact.

The proposal’s suggestion to mandate a relocation fee is problematic. The current proposal adds restrictions that undermine management's ability to protect our community members from nuisance tenants. Such limits would inhibit us from maintaining a clean and safe environment for the betterment of all our residents.

Currently, the local economy has momentum which is great for the city, it’s business, and it’s residents. We share a common goal in making sure the Long Beach community remains intact while prospering at the same time. Restrictions like the relocation fee have the potential to stifle growth and discourage buildings being updated, which creates an older and uncared for housing stock. Our ultimate belief is that the only way to keep rents low for city residents is to create more housing stock. This can be accomplished by streamlining the development process which will encourage more construction.

Westland will work with the city council and other property owners to propose a lengthened, 6-month termination notice instead of a relocation fee. This would allow residents time to find a new home in the city that meets their needs. We feel that this is a better approach and look forward to seeing the next draft of this ordinance.