Mobile Home Park Asset Manager Rick Bloom visits our communities every week. Although they are spread throughout Southern California, he can visit 10 of the 12 sites in a single day.

Bear Valley Mobile Home Park in San Bernardino County is a Westland community on the outskirts of Apple Valley. Surrounded by beautiful mountain views, these homes are situated in a peaceful quaint location.

Bear Valley MHP as one enters 004.jpg

“I make myself available to visit each of the Mobile Home Parks at least once a week. By visiting the sites, I get to see what my managers need and work out how we can find solutions together,” Rick said.

Today, Rick is checking in on a recent addition of the Bear Valley Mobile Home Park, an upgrade to the sewage system. “As occupancy has grown it put a strain on the system, with larger refuse potentially overtaxing the system.

The engineering company that maintains it suggested a catch system, kind of a basket, that collects all the heavy gunk and lets the rest get treated properly.”

Rick joined the company 33 years ago in his early twenties working as a salesperson for the mobile home parks. With that level of experience, Rick knows how to work with his management and maintenance teams to find a solution. “I basically found the parts online. We have a great team so the project was completed perfectly. Our maintenance man, Gernaro Zapata, is a skilled welder. I can call him anytime, night or day. He’s a guy I can count on to fix anything.”

The completed project ensures the Bear Valley residents are comfortable. “These people are part of the Westland family and deserve to be taken care of.”

The finished catch system received a thumbs up from the engineering company that maintains the sewage system. Rick explained: "They were so impressed they actually want to use our product on all their jobs."