MANUFACTURED Home Communities

Westland is the owner and operator of 14 Manufactured Home Communities, most of which are located around Southern California. Each community provides wholesome spaces and many feature in-demand amenities like clubhouses, play areas, dog parks, and swimming pools. The well-maintained grounds create common areas that encourage togetherness, turning a park into a neighborly community.

With over forty years experience, Westland is an expert at navigating the industry. The company has a solid history of successfully identifying growth opportunities and efficiently operating Manufactured Home parks.

Manufactured Home Parks are a great business investment because they can maintain growth during all stages of the economic cycle. 75% of owners expecting to remain at their community for five years or longer while many stay for decades. A robust and reliable business, Manufactured Home Parks continue to grow as the needs for affordable housing increases.

Residents at Manufactured Home Parks benefit because they provide homeownership at a fraction of the cost. Manufactured Homes provide quality construction. Modern homes can be eco-friendly, customizable, low maintenance, and affordable. The demand for Manufactured homes inside well-managed parks is increasing. Millennials can see a place where they can have more space and privacy for their family. Retirees are downsizing and see a Manufactured home as an excellent way to live comfortably. Westland forecasts a stable market with plenty of growth opportunities and will continue to develop the Manufactured Home Communities portfolio.

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